Fear of Flying in an Age of Terrorism

The outrageous acts of terrorism that happened in New York on 9/11 have certainly meant that more people who are affected by fear of flying cite terrorism

The fear of flying - Air turbulence

Turbulence- everything you need to know

For most people, turbulence is, undoubtedly, their number one concern when they take to the skies, especially for people who are suffering from the fear of flying

10 Fear of Flying Tips

People might always have the ability to pass stressful and fearful flight conditions but they could possibly suffer from fear of flying emotions. It becomes more common especially when take-off

The fear of flying - Symtoms2

Fear of Flying Symptoms and Causes

Fear of flying is a common fear of the people of being on a plane or even in helicopter while in a flight. It is also referred to as flight phobia, flying phobia or even aerophobia

The fear of flying - how safe

How Safe is flying?

Airplane safety is one of the major concerns of people who deals with fear of flying phobia. If you are going to decide that flying is really a dangerous activity, then your fear and worries doing such type

The fear of flying - how to ovecome

How to Overcome Fear of Flying?

Aviophobia is the fear of flying and it is commonly known as flying phobia. Scientifically, flying phobia is a combination of different phobias such as the claustrophobia

The fear of flying - Treatment

Fear of Flying Treatments

Did you know that the fear of flying or aviophobia increases year after year? Experts suggest that the earlier the phobia is diagnosed, the easier it will be treated.